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Friday, October 16, 2015

Urgent Action: Palestine in Crisis

This week I had received an e-mail on the issue War on Want has been working for several days : The Palestine crisis.This particular issue hits me hard and makes me feel like it is happening next to us,or right at my place.If you are regular on Al Jazeera,you would get to see some of the real scenario; people fleeing the place,people without food,people not allowed to move,people shot and killed,people running with the last few resources that they think is necessary for life.The truth is devastating.And this is something that has caused insomnia to me since 2014.People going through this mail or helping War on Want with the littlest donation could help.Stop pretending like you don't see it.

Palestine is ‘on the brink’. That’s how human rights organisation Al Haq has described the current escalation of violence against Palestinians.
Israeli soldiers have repeatedly opened fire on crowds in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The military is raiding villages, refugee camps and neighbourhoods all over Palestine. Over 1,300 Palestinians have been injured, and 27 have been killed.
We have to act now to prevent more killing. Our government must impose sanctions on Israel.
Palestinians in East Jerusalem and inside Israel are facing violence from police and vigilante groups. The mayor of Jerusalem has publicly called for Israelis to carry weapons daily: “One advantage that Israel has is that there are quite a few ex-members of military units with operational combat experience," he said. Police and vigilante attacks often happen together. This was the case on 4 October, when 19-year-old Fadi Alloun was shot and killed by police as he ran, unarmed, from a mob yelling ‘shoot him’ and ‘death to Arabs’.  
This spike in violence is a stark reflection of the structural conditions which keep Palestinians oppressed and deprived of their rights. Meanwhile, the UK government continues to lend unconditional diplomatic and military support to Israel.
Please call your MP today at their constituency office, and tell them to demand from Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond that sanctions be applied on Israel. Our government needs to hear from us that UK support for Israel’s aggression must end now.
You can find your MP and the phone number of their constituency office here:
This Saturday (17 October), join us outside the Israeli embassy in London from 12-2 at aprotest to show our opposition to Israeli policies of aggression. 

Ryvka Barnard 

Senior Campaigner (Militarism and Security), War on Want 

Disclaimer : This post is based on the propagation of an initiative originally taken by War on Want.
War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. 

It is a kind request to all sensible and well-informed citizens of Europe to sign this petition and if possible,head to this link and donate to this cause (and other noble causes) on War On Want.

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