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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Last Interview of Rachel Corrie

This video originally posted by Activist Videos is that of Rachel Corrie's last interview two days before she was murdered brutally by the Israeli forces.
Rachel was a member of  the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) organisation that aimed to challenge the policies of the Israeli army in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.In her senior year, she proposed an independent-study program in which she would travel to Gaza, join protesters from the ISM, and initiate a "sister city" project between Olympia and Rafah.Before leaving, she also organized a pen-pal program between children in Olympia and Rafah.
She was 23 years old when the Israeli forces drove over their bulldozer over her twice.
For activist aligning journalism,she is both a martyr and a role model at the same time.

Please do watch the video.
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