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Friday, October 30, 2015

Stop Arming Israel Campaign Successes

I received an e-mail from War on Want today and it describes the "little victories" activists tend to rejoice with! There is positive news but there is pointing to the very stark negativities you have to see right now.

Dear Miss Biswas
The news of the escalating violence in Palestine is devastating. 
Addameer, our partner organisation in Palestine, tells us that over 1000 Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli security forces since the beginning of October, and over 60 have been killed.
Our Stop Arming Israel campaign is more important than ever. At times like these, it is vital we step up our efforts to end the UK government’s support for Israeli Apartheid.
We are winning! Campaign successes this week
A ban on protests outside an Israeli drones factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire was overturned at High Court in Birmingham.
Campaigners in Kent stopped the expansion of a factory manufacturing deadly weapons. People power forced Thanet District councillors to reject Elbit’s (one of Israel’s largest arms companies) planning application.
Over 500 respected UK scholars pledged to boycott Israeli academic institutions complicit in Israeli Apartheid, citing Israeli universities’ direct involvement in the development of military technology ‘tested’ on Palestinians.
These victories are not isolated.
In recent weeks, Israel’s defence industry newspaper reported that the country’s four largest military companies were concerned about a ‘major crisis’ of declining sales, sparked in part by “less desire for Israeli [military] products”.
Global outrage at Israel’s systematic violence against Palestinians is growing, and the impact is starting to show.
Share news of these great victories.
Email your MP today to demand an immediate two-way arms embargo.
Together we can end Israeli Apartheid. 

Best wishes,

Ryvka Barnard

Senior Campaigner (Militarism & Security), War on Want 

Disclaimer : This post is based on the propagation of an initiative originally taken by War on Want.
War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. 

It is a kind request to all sensible and well-informed citizens of Europe to sign this petition and if possible,head to this link and donate to this cause (and other noble causes) on War On Want.
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