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Friday, October 9, 2015

Save Conga Valley : Help Stop The Conga Mine Programme!

I had received this e-mail from War on Want quite a while ago but did not get enough time to post it before now.When the corporate world uses unforgiving methods that is toxic for both the environment and the people,it is time for you to react. Cajamarca,being the largest city in Peru was destined to be more prosperous than what it is right now.The environment has been completely,totally devastated and of course the IMF does not give a damn about it.Also,this region is economically the most downtrodden region in the country right now.We want your help.Hear our plea.

War on Want has always stood with its partners and allies against deadly corporate oppression, and I am writing to you today to ask if you can take a simple action to help our friends in Peru. Four mountain lakes and the territory, from which millions of people live and depend on, are under threat by a new mining corporate venture: the Conga mine Project.

War on Want’s partner the Inter-institutional Platform of Celendín (PIC), a mass movement of people defending their water and land is saying no to the Conga project. Please help us to act in solidarity with them.
Here’s what’s happening: The Conga project is being imposed by the Minera Yanacocha SRL, owned by Newmont Mining Corporation, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Peruvian company Buenaventura S A.
After 22 years of gold and copper extraction in Cajamarca by Yanacocha, the region has become the poorest in the country and the environment has been seriously and irreversibly damaged. An entire community lives with long-term diseases as a result of exposure to a mercury spill in 2000 linked to the Yanacocha mine’s operations.

Communities who have opposed the new Conga mine have been brutally repressed. Five people have been assassinated, many others have been injured, and hundreds have faced, or continue to face, criminal charges. A brave indigenous-campesino woman, Maxima Acuna, who has been at the forefront of the opposition against the Conga project, faces intimidation, harassment, death threats and has been subject to physical attacks. She lives on the land where Yanacocha seeks to open the new mine.
This October (9-11) the World Bank and the IMF will be meeting in Lima for their annual meetings. Community leaders and human rights defenders will be calling the World Bank’s IFC and the Peruvian Government to:
Stop the Conga Mine Project
Respect the right of people such as Maxima Acuna to say no to mining projects
Stop the criminalisation of human rights defenders
Drop all the charges against community leaders opposing the Conga mine project

Ollanta Humala – President of Peru: / Twitter @Ollanta_humalaT
World Bank and IFC President: / Twitter @JimKim_WBG
World Bank:Twitter @WorldBank
Archbishop of Lima (Beneficiaries in the Conga Project):
Peruvian Ambassador in the UK: 

In solidarity,
Graciela Romero
International Programmes Director
War on Want

PS War on Want is also joining global actions to support the people opposing the Conga project. We would like to invite you to take part of our actions in London:

Disclaimer : This post is based on the propagation of an initiative originally taken by War on Want.
War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. 

It is a kind request to all sensible and well-informed citizens of Europe to sign this petition and if possible,head to this link and donate to this cause (and other noble causes) on War On Want.
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