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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fed Up With The Corporate Tax Avoiders? E-mail Your MP Now!

I received an e-mail from War on Want today and to go in deep,it is better to recall the best of progressive taxation and progressive taxation to be the best system hence.Give it a thought,who are bearing the liabilities? Who are avoiding it? Isn't this similar to what happened in France before 1789?

Dear Miss Biswas,
You may have seen how major corporations like Facebook and the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and McDonald's have been in the news for paying almost no corporation tax.
UK tax rules currently make it far too easy for multinationals to avoid paying tax wherever they operate.
This is unacceptable.
Tax dodging means not enough money is available for vital public services. This is bad news in the UK. But it is even worse when multinationals are able to avoid paying tax in one of Africa’s poorest countries, whilst making massive profits.
Our new report, Extracting Minerals, Extracting Wealth,1 highlights the case of Zambia, where the government is losing $3billion every single year through dodgy tax practices helped by the tax havens we allow. These taxes could pay for public services like health and education.
The UK government must tighten tax rules, investigate tax dodgers and take responsibility for ensuring the Zambian government is able to tax UK multinationals.
When we demand change, we can make it happen. Together we can stand against the multinationals which profit at people’s expense.
Thank you for your support,
Owen Espley
Tax Justice Campaigner
1You can read the report here
The report has been produced with the assistance of the European Union – DCI-NSAED/2011/247. The contents are the sole responsibility of War on Want and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Disclaimer : This post is based on the propagation of an initiative originally taken by War on Want.
War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. 

It is a kind request to all sensible and well-informed citizens of Europe to sign this petition and if possible,head to this link and donate to this cause (and other noble causes) on War On Want.

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