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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dengue Fever : Experience,Recovery and Info

I recently suffered from Dengue fever and am still recovering the last bites of the disease and since it was a really painful experience,I will try to share it here on the blog and also try to let people know why is this happening.
Beginning with it,Dengue fever currently is affecting people everywhere in India and quite intensely in West Bengal and even metropolitan cities like Delhi.When I first fell feverish,I did not understand it could be anything worse than influenza (the ordinary viral fever) you may suffer from.I thought I could continue work amidst such ordinary fever and it wouldn't affect much of my routinely jobs.But little did I know I would have to be tagged 'affected with Dengue fever' in a little while.This is a common mistake,most people who get affected with Dengue at first confuse it with viral fever bringing in high temperature conditions.So,you need to take the NS1 antigen test if you are having viral fever and if you are also,at the same time suffering very high temperatures.(The highest recorded temperature in this while for me had been 103.6 degree F and that is when we decided to get the tests done.)
Also,according to the doctor who had been examining me (a medicine specialist) claimed that the IgG and IgM do not test for positive within the first three days.After three days,it there is still some abnormally high temperature existent,you need to go through a blood test for IgG and IgM,which test for worsely dangerous virus types than the NS1 test does.Fortunately,I tested for a negative for both IGG and IGM yesterday.

I am still pretty abnormal by nature,I studied about repo rates and The Reserve Bank of India (which I can clearly recall now) when I had a soringly high temperature of 103 degree F.But,there is a positive impact of this as well.If you do not try to convince yourself that YOU ARE SICK ,though everyone around you,at least almost everyone will claim that you are VERY SICK,you do not have to let that percolate too much.The best way is to convince yourself that you are not sick.And trust me,THAT HELPS SO,SO MUCH.

The next important thing is headaches,I had severe,terrible headaches that made it seem like it was going to be fatal at the end but a little pain relieving balm or massaging helps.You are not allowed to have any more medicine except plain Paracetamol,since they have a risk of creating complications and as per as I know,worsening haemorrhages,if you develop them during the course of the disease.But in case you have a secondary bacterial infection,like I still am suffering from Pharyngitis (which is inflammation,pain in the pharynx and associated regions),you might ave to take help of an antibiotic that is prescribed by a certified medicine practitioner.

My parents are both doctors,so it was easier for me to ask them questions regarding this and that about the disease but then too,they were severely tensed and now as I see it,with some very good reasons behind it.

Perhaps the worst risk of this fever is that it causes haemorrhages and internal bleeding,so if you develop DHF (Dengue Haemorrhaegic Fever) or DSS (Dengue Shock Syndrome),both can be fatal,actually.If internal bleeding causes shocks,the chances of survival are stunted but it is not like there are no chances of survival at all.That is why it is best not to ignore the test.This is,in fact,a very risky,life threatening disease that you are not supposed to take as a matter of joke.

Dengue also causes nausea,vomiting and dehydration but does not cause dehydration only by the means of nausea and vomiting.So,if you are not vomiting does not mean you are not getting dehydrated.The virus will continue doing everything it can to harm life inside you and you can't let that happen.You will have to drink a lot of fluid in forms of water,soft drinks,basically anything that is non-alcoholic.And you have to take it in regular intervals,may even be every 15 minutes if necessary.Otherwise,you might have to go through channeling and saline water injection into your body through the channel but oral rehydration is much less painful.(I have experiences of channeling because I have had it done multiple times before while suffering from other sicknesses.)

Also,Dengue Fever results in rare complications such as Dengue Meningitis and this was what I hated most.It could damage your brain forever.Though this is not common,a lot of websites reported that a symptom of Dengue Meningitis is nuchal rigidity.

The platelets start disappearing fast in the course of Dengue.I lost 40,000 of my platelets in 2 days.Only 2 days! The report claimed that I had 2,50,000 platelets when the first test was done and then I was left with 2,10,000 just after 2 days.It gets worse than this for some,in case of whom platelets reduce to less than 1,00,000 compared to which I am still within the biological normal limits.

And lastly,you are prescribed a lot of rest but thoughts of dis-ease pops up into your head if you lie down and try to take rest 24 x 7.So,in my words,do not do that.Read something silently.Watch your favourite show,write something up if you feel like it,listen to music,eat,talk.Dengue fever also makes you very,very weak.I have very little physical strength right now but I am still substituting that with my mental strength.Never tell yourself that you are loosing until the time you realise you are emerging victorious.The temperature never rose to more than 100 degree F yesterday or today and I am doing well now.I was a little scared only once when I saw blood in my urine but it never happened twice and I tested for 0 RBCs in my urine yesterday,so that eliminates the risk of any further haemorrhages in my body.

Dengue is a viral disease and it does not have any known medication.The only thing you can do is arrange a source of rehydration and take Paracetamols.

Avoid any kind of excitement because it sores the temperature higher.This is something I have experienced multiple times.

As seen in the photograph above,this disease results from the female Aedes mosquitoes who breed in stagnant water.So,if you have such standing,clear water anywhere,GET RID OF IT.
Don't get worried if you have Dengue fever,you will survive if you believe you will.Just don't let this faith die inside you.Let it live constantly,like a warm something inside you.And let it in turn,impart life."So long as men can breathe/So long as eyes can see/So long as this lives/And gives life to thee......"
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    Signs and symptoms to look out for

    A drop in platelet count is a characteristic symptom of dengue fever. The most common symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains and skin rash. Sometimes, these symptoms may be confused with flu. If you experience the following over a few days, consult a doctor -

    1. Sudden, high fever
    2. Severe headaches
    3. Pain behind the eyes
    4. Severe joint and muscle pain
    5. Fatigue and exhaustion
    6. Nausea and vomiting
    7. Skin rash
    8. Low blood pressure

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