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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Julian Assange And WikiLeaks : An Analysis,Explanation And Inferences + How To Submit A File To WikiLeaks Step by Step Tutorial

I wrote a partially whimsical post as an announcement of this post last night and since there has been quite a number of reads of that little post in less than 24 hours,I take that as an "Yes!We want to read this post." consent.
To start with,I have always been attracted to words of Oscar Wilde,the Irish socialist and anarchist writer.I was a little late to catch up with the movie (The Fifth Estate) yesterday and when I started watching,I could see Benedict Cumberbatch (who played the role of Assange in the movie) come up on the stage and was explaining the links between data,communication,secrets,the state and us. (Now,I guess I never mentioned properly that I study Computer Programming as a subject currently.) So,at the same time,it instigated all my interests : that in politics,that in the society,that as an individual,that as a social being.
I loved Cumberbatch's convincing performance throughout the movie but yes,what happened after that minute?Well,he tangled up several chits of paper to practically demonstrate the model of how information sourcing works.Impressive enough.And then the narration informed us that Assange, Suelette Dreyfus, and Ralf Weinmann built a file system called Rubberhose from 1997-2000 which was basically a  deniable encryption archive containing multiple file systems whose existence can only be verified using the appropriate cryptographic key.Simply speaking,Rubberhose makes it literally impossible to detect the information source by receiving the data from the original source by receiving it through multiple layers of fake data,This same principle has been claimed to be used in case of WikiLeaks.*1 This eliminates the concept of the information source to be unsafe for submitting the necessary data.
And then he quoted the words a part of which I have been thinking of every single day in the last,say approximately 200 days - 
"Man is least himself when he talks with his own person. But if you give him a mask, he will tell you the truth. Two people, and a secret: the beginning of all conspiracies. More people, and, more secrets. But if we could find one moral man,                         one whistle-blower. Someone willing to expose those secrets, that man can topple the most powerful and most repressive of regimes."*2

It can be understood why Assange claimed the movie to be against WikiLeaks but I do not think the director had completely anti-WikiLeaks motives.After going through such unimaginable pressure,which we fortunately or unfortunately do not have the experience of,every man will instinctively want to bar criticism of his beloved brainchild.But Bill Condon's very own support for anarchist perspectives were sharp and clear,even though he has mentioned that Assange was getting obsessed with his much loved,much raved about image,that to the public.I cannot comment on how much true that is,you know "everybody has their own versions of it" but I can still say it is not a good idea to judge some personality's persona when our eyes should be on what he did for us,not if he is stubborn or short-tempered.
The only side that seemed a little odd to the eye was over-emphasising on the role of Daniel Domscheit-Berg (pseudo-named Daniel Schmitt) in the creation and operation of WikiLeaks.
True that he did some not so mention-worthy work with WikiLeaks for quite a while but his intention to initiate OpenLeaks churns my own stomach! God knows how Assange even managed not to use a D-grade abusive against him in public.Great ability to be tranquil,indeed,especially for an otherwise short-tempered man like Julian.
Daniel's attempts to conspiracy bourne no fruit,though. OpenLeaks was a total,complete failure.(Attempts to create dupes,my dear,do not replace the original.)The website is totally non-existent right now.Good price indeed has he paid for being credible for the destruction of over 3500 unpublished whistleblower communications with some communications containing hundreds of documents,including the US government's No Fly List,5 GB of Bank of America leaks, insider information from 20 right-wing organizations and proof of torture and government abuse of a Latin American country.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg at 26C3.jpg

Daniel Domscheit-Berg (pseudonymed Daniel Schmitt)

Also,a number of weird claims were made in the movie through the character of Daniel,like,"Julian died his hair white" and "Secrets of the world could be exposed by only someone who kept his secrets well.",which were completely lame according to me.
Personally,I totally admire Julian.For his merit,for the cause he devoted himself to and for his credibility to our expanded,much desired,much required knowledge about the terrorist attribute of severely powerful states,states against us,states against people.While watching 'We Steal Secrets : The Story of WikiLeaks',you would come across journalist Mark Davis commenting on if WikiLeaks was a very big organisation.This was exactly what he said as a reply to this context :

“I see this story entirely as one man against the world. One man against the world.It was Julian Assange, his $300 laptop, ten SIM cards and a very, you know, cheap jacket that he’d put on to get through the interview.”

The last few words from a Julian in the movie were something you can toil about for 10 years and then not get tired or bored.Good job from the director.
 "If you want the truth, no one is going to tell you the truth, they're going to tell you their version. So if you want the truth, you have to seek it out for yourself. In fact that's where power lies, in your willingness to look beyond this story, any story. And as long as you keep searching, you are dangerous to them. That's what they're afraid of: you. It's all about you. And a little bit about me too."
At the end,a man at the cafe also explains Daniel quite a number of things.Some of them,as I feel,were pretty flawed and were over-emphasising on the pseudo-glory of Daniel Schmitt.I was getting a little hot-headed about this issue by then but he mentioned a few important things,like,the fourth estate consisted of the whistleblowers who propagated information they thought were necessary for people in their times.For the first time in the entire concept of time.
The (seemingly hypothetical) Fifth Estate consists of whistleblowers who know how to crack data from the safes,the extremely safe,non-vulnerable so called state protected safes,the so called virtual safes.
It gets hard to imagine how much Mathematical a brain would be able to crack the US Defence Force's database.Julian never earned a degree,though he studied Maths,Physics and Programming in his higher levels.But what he had learnt is what he had learnt all by himself.And that was impressive,that was decisive from every angle.And everyone has to be thankful and thrilled and grateful and everything else that I can't think of at the moment. 

(Photograph Source)

What Bradley Manning did is definitely something nobody else in the world would have done or could have done.His geekiness has to be appreciated and so has to be his valiance.

He was on the spot.He was who made it,who downloaded over 750,000+ secret documents and he was 23.

So,he deserves appreciation to the extent I won't be able to describe in words.And he knew that subsequently he would have to face the brutal practices in the prisons of United States of America.He was who faces jailing,he was who faced nudity,he was who faced sleep deprivation,day after day but he did not creake WikiLeaks.He did not know how to set up Rubberhose or WikiLeaks.This capability,this merit and this credibility solely belongs and should belong to Julian Assange,the white haired Australian guy who had the guts to go against the world,to accept the treatment of barring himself from the world,for the world!

Sources :

*1 - Not these much data were projected on in the movie.I have added a little more information and analysed them subsequently for the readers' ease.

*2 - The entire quotation was "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde


How To Submit A File To WikiLeaks Step by Step Tutorial

Now,there are quite a number of other software hosting websites providing  the download facility but it would be best to download it from the original Tor website.
  • There are 4 options (listing operating systems) provided and the last option provides you the method of availing the source code.The options listed consecutively are

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X
  • GNU/Linux, BSD, and Unix
  • Tor for Smartphones
  • Source Code

    • Click on the required/desired version and you will find the various versions of download enlisted under each.Download your desired version by clicking on the download version.
    • Execute the setup to get to the main file.Once you are able to access the Tor Browser,past this link on the address bar -wlupld3ptjvsgwqw.onion
    • Now,you will find a link called 'Upload Here' and when you click on that link,you will find the browse button which lets you pick up and upload files from anywhere from your computer the Internet.All set,you may submit the files necessary.
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