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Saturday, July 4, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (17)

I hope you all are having a nice weekend and for my version of weekends,I have a lot of work to do.Since I have a long version of a Maths class on Saturday  and two classes on Sunday,one that of Statistics and the other of Economics,I have very little time left for real leisure,so I am on investing my time on writing on the blog and watching a movie for giving myself some pleasure and inspiration that sensitive human souls are in constant need of!

It seems like I am getting addicted to solving puzzles,thanks to my focus on exams for working in the Indian Administration System (I don't think I would love to give IES,I will simply have to listen to the verdict of corrupt industrialists all the time!) Anyhow,I find the preparation more exciting than the thought of getting through the exams and earning and enjoying the power.
This particular problem is something that was sent by one of my mother's acquaintances in her WhatsApp (I do have an account but I hardly ever get time to waste) and my Mom told me to solve it and then I did (and was very happy about it).
I started with the fourth clue,"56 is one type of disease".I knew it had to be TB since that is the only two lettered disease that is very familiar to us.I think I spent less than 4 seconds on the 5th clue and considered it to be AT.After utilising the 7th and 8th and clues,I had this half filled,half blanks equipped _ _ A _ T B _ A T.Then I thought it has to be something without which we die,something with heart - oh,Heartbeat!
So,there it is - HEARTBEAT.And it matched withall the other clues,including if we have 234,we can 1234,i.e if we have ear,we can hear.

It rained on Saturday evening and it was so mysterious outside with a suspended shade of blue in front of your eyes with steady drizzle.I had to deal with concepts related to Demand and Supply in Economics this week and I must say,the subject is not a bit less tough than Chemistry,Physics (and is tougher than Biology).
I have been loving Nagesh Kukunoor's works lately and he is the one and only director who is getting me interested in modern Indian Cinema. I am so proud that he replied to one my tweets on this Thursday! He is the only director I find a humanist in and his works are mostly very non-commercial,humane,ideologically aligned to humanism and feminism and yet they do not look a bit like boring documentaries.I guess he makes 'the art of cinema' come alive,again and yet again.Ihave watched 'Lakshmi' (and loved and learnt from almost everything out of it) and this week we have plans to watch 'Dor',which is one of his directions *and is again aligned to feminism!

I have been noticing myself trying to plunge into Indian culture lately,it has been quite a while that I mostly wear Indian clothes,I love Indian food and I have been trying to deal with my own philosophy on nationalism,which I assure is everything but radical nationalism but this keen interest on administrative services is affecting me somehow.I have bee listening to 'Hai Reham Hai Karam' by Kailash Kher and team from 'Lakshmi' and 'Yeh Honsla' by Salim Merchant,Shafqat Amanat Ali and Penn Masala from 'Dor'.

On a completely different note,I have been going through graphs and its different types in Statistics and I am so glad that I study the subject because till now,it makes me happy,very happy when I am going through it.
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