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Sunday, July 26, 2015

6 Things That Have The Potential To Make You More Independent In Your Life

I actually had a very professional schedule for the week and therefore,did not have the zeal to cover much professional work on the blog.So,here I have kept the two posts this week quite relieving than doing the task of explaining concepts.This way,I had a nice time recollecting my own experiences and trying to make them flow in a constructive stream while not having the disgusting feeling I usually am filled with while dealing with my own feelings about personal philosophy these days.

1. Passion - This is the most well-working factor in case of making you feel more independent.It might be regarding education in your favourite subjects or it might be about performing arts or content development and it's presentation.Whatever it may be,it has to elevate your confidence level and will definitely make you feel more independent and self-sufficient.

2.Universal Adult Franchise (:P) - Trust me,from the moment I have turned 14,I have been dreaming to be 18 someday.At 16,I do not feel it is going to give me wings literally or give me a chance to change the terrible situations the world is having to go through but it would definitely mean something to have my own rights to do what I want and sovereignty is desired in the typically un-soverign political conditions we have to survive through.

3.Participation - This is another important factor.Staying consumed is one of the best methods to stop feeling dull and depressed.Constant involvement is desired and is often a necessary factor of activism and the golden key to success.Nevertheless,participation will help you shape up your confidence and skills in a better manner and often,it might help in blooming your passion even further.

4.Terrible Experiences - I am quite sure that everybody has to go through terrible experiences at least somewhere in their lives but when the terrible impacts of these events are fading away,there is some treasure phenomena in the residual part.You will feel much more independent and at points,might not even believe that you were the person to get over such things but you surely have a lot to learn from such experiences and even if any other point mentioned in this post does not work,this will work,I do not have doubts.

5.Involvement and Isolation - Staying involved is important.But giving your own self some time to think out of the box is very,very important,too.In fact,such juxtapositions only incite the betterment of the juxtaposing factor.So,if you only stay involved,you are nothing different than the main stream culture (which might not be positive in so many ways) and if you only pay attention to your own self,it is one of the worst things that is sickening this world : absolute individualism.Don't you recall "Freedom belongs to those who can think differently"?*

6.Travel And Music - I am not sure if this is the case with only Music,so if you are interested in caricature,it might work for you as well.Therefore,it is more about performing and savouring the taste of any form of art than focusing on a particular form of art.But I think as music is most widely accepted in the world,this will work most of the people.And about travel,you will never know the difference unless you have practical experiences of photography and group travel and of course,loner travels as well.If you have never set out on your own,you have no idea about what the world is.After all,you have to judge your own resonance factors and rhythm.

*Quotation by Rosa Luxemburg
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