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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UPSC Maths Problems Challenge : A Problem A Day! (Day 13) [Updated]

I apologise about the delay in writing this post today but I was not well physically and had a hard day packed with my everyday's job of studying.Anyhow,here is today's post,which is believe is very interesting while at the same time being simple,according to me.Hope this helps in adding another strategy to your variant of culmination till date.Read on to find out the solution to this problem.

Today's Problem(25/06/2015)

Question Credit :

2^987 - 2^986 = ?

2^987 - 2^986 =  2^(986 + 1) - 2^986 = (2^986 * 2) - 2^986 (1) = 2^986(2 -1) = 2^986

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  1. Good Problems, I liked your posts. Keep it up!
    Let me tell you the mistake you did in this post.
    You must write the steps clearly. When I first saw this, I get a little bit confused and other people may too.
    This is the correct formulation.
    2^987 - 2^986 = 2^(986 + 1) - 2^986 = (2^986) * 2 - 2^986 = 2^986(2 -1) = 2^986
    Use brackets as you have split 987 as 986 + 1 and it is raised to the power of 2. It looks as you added 1 in the main equation in your post.
    By the way Good Post. Keep it up! :)

    1. I should have used brackets and you are right,it might end up in creating confusion.Thank You for noticing!

  2. Thanks for early reply.
    I'll keep visiting your blog.


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