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Monday, June 1, 2015

Roger Waters The Wall (2014) Global Theatrical Release In September,2015!

Roger Waters The Wall is a documentary co-written by Roger Waters and Sean Evans and was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival Last Year (On 6th September,2014) and was screened thrice there.The documentary runs for 133 minutes (2 hours and 13 minutes) and has received positive acclaim from both the audience and subsequently critics.
Roger Waters The Wall will ultimately hit the theaters this September (It is just a wait of 2 months and a few days) and Pink Floyd fans worldwide must be well intrigued by this news.

 The film — which is co-directed by Waters and Sean Evans — screened three times in September 2014 at the Toronto fest. On Sept. 29, it will play on big screens with a new bonus feature: an “in conversation” segment with Waters.
Consequence of Sound reports that the event will include a screening of Roger Waters The Wall plus a chat with the artist, who originally wrote the piece for Pink Floyd based on his own experiences growing up in post-war England. The Wall album, from 1979, is one of the biggest-selling LPs in chart history.
Last year, Waters referred to the documentary as a “protest movie.” The film includes concert footage from Waters’ three-year solo tour in which he played The Wall in its entirety as well as behind-the-scenes footage from France and Italy of Waters visiting the World War I cemetery where is grandfather is buried, the beachhead where his father died during a World War II battle and more.
“We were a big family on the road, 189 of us, give or take the odd Snoozy Walrus,” Waters said of the upcoming wide release of the movie. “We were happy, by and large, and I am really happy to welcome everyone at Fathom and Picturehouse aboard. I know, I know — mixing metaphors. Where was I? Oh yeah, with your help, this coming 29th September will be the perfect way to remember not just our loved ones but the other guys loved ones — fallen, living and as yet unborn.”
In other Waters news, a remastered edition of his 1992 solo album Amused to Death will be available on July 24. It remains his most recent studio album. Since then, he’s released a live album, a compilation record and an opera.

(News Source : Ultimate Classic Rock)

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