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Friday, June 26, 2015

Lakshmi : A Movie,A True Story,A Million Applauds

You may stop reading the blog after finding a post that protests against child prostitution and talks about a 'controversial' movie that had to deal with censorship issues before getting released.But I am past caring of what people with narrow mentalities think.If children can be raped in a society for some stupid inhumanic creature's sexual pleasure,then it is ironical to think a teenager cannot speak in favour of these helpless girls.
I find it necessary for women to boldly speak against such evils and no religion,no national boundaries,no political party,no external dominance is supposed to determine the thought of how we should speak against what is the worst insult to us.
I watched the movie on 25th - 26th June (at midnight) and found it to have enough potential to be convincing.I would like to thank Monali Thakur for taking such a brave project,which was also her Bollywood debut and not everybody would do this,on a small budget - only for the cause of what the movie has been made for.

Lakshmi Theatrical Release Poster

Human trafficking in the form of slaves has long been stopped for humanity's own sake but trafficking women for prostitution still continues to be one of the biggest problems of this civilization,be that in the developed world,or that in the third world.
The movie is able to draw out your innermost emotions and at places,I felt they make you feel more instinctively reactive than emotionally.Every hit with the deadly piece of wood fixed with iron nails seemed to penetrate through,causing a resonance of anger,bitterness and a feeling that is inexpressible in words.
I would say hats off to Nagesh Kukunoor for directing this movie (and for himself doing the worst villain's role!).Nobody dares to do such projects in a country like ours.It is a million times better than some idiotic movie starring brainless,worthless and dishonest actors like Salman Khan.A lot many Thanks to the cast and crew team,(Elahe Hiptoola and Satish Kaushik for production) to synthesise such a historical,worthy work.Personally,I liked the performance of Ram Kapoor,Satish Kaushik,Nagesh Kukunoor (awesome,awesome performance) and Monali Thakur.
I would like to have a good laugh at the hypocrisy of men that allows them to commit such crimes but bar people from speaking against this by creating a fake realm of conservative-ness.

What is the necessity to block what is true?How many women will you find who have never been assaulted while travelling in public?How much does this apply for the opposite sex?
Come on men,you can stay out of this if you have your own egotistical approaches to deal with.Summing it up,Lakshmi is a movie that can is bound to make you live through it.
I had to tussle with myself as well before being able to write what I am writing today as I skipped writing my second article on theoretical Feminism because I got disgusted while drafting it and I read on Virginia Woolf,read on how this trade is being practised by Islamic terrorist groups such as IS and ISIS where women are being price tagged according to age groups and skipped posting them because of my Indian inhibitions!

A scene from the movie

What is going on is nothing new,it is something that has been happening for thousands of years,since the very birth of this wrong,dirty civilisation where justice is judged on the basis of physical strength.Simply because of this one biological difference,women have been suffering from ages.But it must stop now because when we are not one bit less intellectually equipped,we are not supposed to accept this by committing the crime called silence.It does not shame me to spell every word that I am writing because if we keep our mouth shut,nothing will even turn it's head even slightly towards the right change.
The music is beautifully suited to the movie and I loved the Northwest Indian folk work 'Sun Sungana Re' by Suchi and Ankita Joshi','Sun ri Baavli' by Papon and Aa Ghar Chalein Hum' by Monali Thakur herself sounds beautiful as well,so special credits to music director Tapas Relia.
The movie is impressive in every way and is based on the true story of Lakshmi,the first out of trafficking victims in Andhra Pradesh who was able to savour the taste of justice and since then,criminals involved in trafficking have been receiving legal punishment thereafter.
I would not be narrating the story as I want every girl/lady/woman reading this to watch the movie and feel every sense by themselves.It would be one experience you will never forget,I can reassure for countless times.I believe the post would not be 'rubbish','standardless','shameless' to those who have minimum respect for their feminity.

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  1. Seems like it has a great plot.. Will love to watch it :)

  2. Replies
    1. You can watch it here (uploaded officially by Pen Movies) -

    2. Thanks
      But video is not available

    3. Hi there,
      I just checked and it is available.I am not sure from which country you are,so it might be that they do not allow all the videos from YouTube but if you copy paste the link I've provided on your address bar,you can watch the movie,I just tried it right now.


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