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Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Do You Know About God?

I was normally browsing through a few general knowledge questions,just when the news of Charlie Hebdo caught my glance for the umpteenth time. I never accused ISIS or the fundamental forces developing against the US not because I do not support the US,neither because of the threat of the very thing that happened on 7th January,2015.But this is intolerable now.
Slaughtering human beings day after day is no liberation.Laughing while murdering is called perversion and no perversion can be supported on this planet.There is no Islam in murdering and the attack on Charlie Hebdo is intolerable,unjustified and a visible form of human perversion.
The newspaper was satirical and nobody gave any of these perverted creatures the right to kill. While shooting 12 people,they shouted "Allahu Akbar",which in Arabic means "God is Great".
The biggest question is,What Do You Know About God? Which God came on earth and gave you the instruction to kill? Which god made the AK 47 for you to shoot artists and economists and journalists? That part of the idea started from some non-intellectual,terrorist leader and these people,these inhuman people,these brainwashed robots listened to him,like clones,like frozen clones of each other.
What hurts me the most,personally is Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier's death. A very talented cartoonist and editor in chief,anti-capitalist,long time supporter of the French Communist Party.The death of economist Bernard Maris is a shock,too.All 12 deaths are unexpected,terribly wrong and more than the urge to mourn for their souls,the feeling should be to resist against those who did it.

Charb in 2011

Tignous (Bernard Verlhac) in 2008

A demonstrator holds up a Charlie Hebdo cartoon display a Muslim man (and NOT the prophet of Islam) kissing French caricaturist Charb, together with the line "Love is stronger than hate"

I do not know what they meant by "Allahu Akbar" but I certainly know that they do not know a thing about "Allah". I can voice myself at Netanyahu's inhuman approaches but killing innocent people is not your right.You are not god and you know nothing about god.No one can snatch people's right to speak from them. This is one of the biggest crimes against humanity,just as what is done towards innocent civilians in Palestine is.This will never be supported and history will never forgive people like you,who think murder is their duty.You are by far the biggest exhibition of perversion existent in the human population under that mask of your so called "Allah",you are an insult to humanity.
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