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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Song Review : Dearest (Holly In The Hills) by Buddy Holly

Apologies for the delay of three days to return to the blog.Actually,I will have to take an even longer 'break' from blogging (and this perhaps is the last post before that.)I am extremely enthusiastic about this post as it has been quite a number of days since I have posted about music and I am music thirsty right now.Moreover,the song is as beautiful as the moon's reflection in a stagnant lake deep inside a forest.(I know that got a bit poetic but that is the only imagination that came up instantly in mind when I had been thinking about the song this evening.) I still am not a huge fan of the romantic genre but I love this  song and I hardly could point out flaws.Even coming out of the realm of the Holly realm I have been moving in for a day or two,this song is a legend.It is shorter than a two minute duration but it is a very,very beautiful and impressive performance and the pretty soprano Holly has got is obviously god-gifted.Now that is what you call a voice; it is one of the best voices I have listened to in my life.It is a grief to every person born with cravings for rock that we tragically lost Holly in 1959 when he was 22 years old.But he still is legend,after 55 years of his death and as described by critic Bruce Eder - "The single most influential creative force in early rock and roll."To talk about voices,I have been a mono-minded David Gilmour fan  for very long,his deep voice with a perfect blend of sweetness is amazing.Holly's voice is a pretty soprano with a softness within (he had been much young at the time of his career) and yet,the deep notes don't sound awkward in his voice.It is the same,easy charm every time.

Charles Hardin Holley

'Dearest' Lyrics 

Dearest - though you're the nearest to my heart
please don't ever - umm ya
ever say we'll part

You scold and you were so bold
yes together - umm ya
our love will grow old - umm ya
our love will grow old

You may be a million miles away
please believe me - umm ya
when you hear me say
I love you - I love you

Come home - keep me from these sleepless nights
try my love again - umm ya
I'm gonna treat you right - umm ya
I'm gonna treat you right


Buddy Holly

Song Review

Talking about the song,its a very beautiful and soft,romantic song.As mentioned multiple times in the past,I am not a very huge fan of the genre but I like this song for the art in it.It has the perfect blend of lyrics,melody and the voice is extraordinarily amazing.There is hardly any availability of information on what instrument was played with the song or the lyrical explanation or just anything else,but as per I guess it,I think he played a Fender Stratocaster (He played either one of the two guitars,generally  - either Fender Stratocaster r Gibson J-45) with this particular song.And the sharp,high frequency notes go really well with the theme of the song.

The Buddy Holly Collection Cover

The song starts with a rhythmic approach made by the guitar and is kept quite short.There is actually no other instrumentals except this one Stratocaster in the entire song.There is nothing very special about the lyrics but as a song ,the entire performance is truly extraordinary.Rock,as commonly granted is not just about a lot of noise and this song proves it.It is mild but bold in the job it does - almost hypnotise the listener!The score goes here - 
Lyrics - 5/5
Instrumentals - 5/5
Melody - 5/5
The Voice Behind - 5/5 (I wish I could give a 6 out of 5)

As A Song - {(20/20 * 100) * 100%} = 100%

'Holly In The Hills' Album Cover

Perspectives On The Song

I think autumn is the beginning of the lot of depression winter brings with it.The approaching cold and the shadowy evenings have a very effective impact on the human psychology,as I feel it.I do not like winters much on the other hand and am a big fan of a sunny day,clear,blue skies and warmth in the atmosphere.Moreover,I have been facing issues for a few days that have been fairly negative and I was in a horrible mood (except while talking to a friend from Washington who has been helping me a lot,intellectually and emotionally).And this song has been a great help as well.In such times,I don't know what would have happened if I started listening to Nirvana (remember the depression alerts I help out as an issue while listing The Top 10 Songs From Nirvana?)They are really nice and perhaps Nirvana is the only grunge band I ever listen to but they are depressing,as if the whole time Cobain wrote them being in a dark whirl of something.The Buddy Holly songs are the exact opposite! They have the potential to make people instantly happy and I love the concept of more use of voice,less use of instrumentals in songs.I will be reviewing Buddy Holly songs in the near future,when I come back to blogging.It has been an absolute delight writing this posts,though I could never imagine expressing the greatness of the song in mere words,that too written by me.

Disclaimer - The photographs used in the post are not owned by me.
Data Credit : Wikipedia
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