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Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Year Of Blogging With The Perspectives

I can't believe the day has come when I am writing this post.An year has passed by and I have been living with The Perspectives for all this time.I can describe what I used to think about The Perspectives a few months ago - I described it as a "ray of light through the window of my room".Of course you can laugh your heart out on some of the posts written back in October 2013;they were so childishly written and had too little of factual evidence provided or rather weren't conveyed well enough.I started with a post titled 'Varying Perspectives' and you can observe the blooming concepts of psychedelia that had already infected my cells.But the only things I never moved from were the topics I told I was going to cover,the ideology and complete avoidance of popular culture - be it in approach to the readers,language or anything else.I have always preferred somewhat of a mixture of contemporary English and the English that is spoken in the United Kingdom.I have even maintained the grammar factor and avoided informal words,use of heavy abusive language or anything of that sorts.I have also written a bunch of useless posts but they too have an use,as I think of it now - when you read a substantial post beside a dull one,the glory of the former is illuminated well.

An Year Of Blogging With The Perspectives

A lot has happened in this one year.I have faced my worries and gone through several crises.I have also been through emotional shocks and pain and a lot of other social factors that human beings generally have to face in life.I can't say that I never broke down.I did but I recovered as well.I am still not out of tension at all.I have a lot in mind and there is a lot of pressure related to my student life.But truth is I would not like to get fully rid of this pressure.I know what I am doing and I am trying hard.
I have been doing a lot of experiment with perspectives in the blog.I have written posts on Maths (Though mostly theoretical since the otherwise requires a lot of time which I normally give to practically solving sums.)I have tried reviewing songs,books and analysing albums.I have tried explaining scientific phenomenon and tried photography (Though they are insanely stupid,I know.)I have spoke with so many different people this year with a vast array of nationalities linked with them.I have talked with Professor Gary Stuard (from System Change,Not Climate Change.He is from University of Houston,USA),Johannes (The website administrator of IOPS.He is Austrian.),Lambert Meertens (Netherlands,IOPS),Peter Lach-Newinsky,Joseph Essertier,Fred Curran,Alex (from Seattle,USA),(All from IOPS) , Jack Gerritsen (Leftist activist,USA),Ojgabe Adewale-Ogunade (Latin America),had a lot of friend circles from Russia,talked with an Yugoslavian political activist (Left-wing,of course),a Brazilian student studying Journalism,Viva Avasthi (founder of The Teen Economists).I have also requested Noam Chomsky (Yes,the scholar of Linguistics from MIT) for an article on Economic and Linguistic Relations (Exact Topic not to be declared now.)for an article and he has shifted his schedule and is an extremely busy person but he said he would try writing it,that is try getting some time for writing it.I really could not believe the fact that he had replied to me though he replies to almost all those who ask him for some article/interview.(As told to me by Johannes.)I don't know what silly thing they have discovered in my posts about Pink Floyd, has rated The Perspectives/Myself as their 8th Top Pink Floyd expert.
I have also opened the Social Network attributes of the blog,including Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and an YouTube Channel(The Perspectives YouTube Channel)!
To talk about my experience with The Perspectives,I don't think I need to say how much I love writing and conveying my thoughts here.To my utterly perplexed mind which thinks of a lot many things,possibly half of which are weird,this is a great platform for letting the world know my thoughts.The Perspectives has been read by 31 countries worldwide and I am quite happy about it.The blog always keeps me incited about whatever I am doing and it gives me the intellectual space for doing at least my part,be how little it is,for my ideals.It is here that I started realising what I could do best and which subjects I should take up for my higher secondary level.I am intimately associated with every part of the blog and I love every term associated with it immensely.
Though its quite tough to gain audience and especially in the Asian,South American and African countries,as I have seen it,I am happy with what The Perspectives has been able to do.I also realise the changes visible in the author of the blog - she has turned less emotional,don't know that is good or bad,though.A lot of elimination of posts owing to simple self-discovery is more prone to avoidance these days.She is not as childish and the sweetness in the posts are much less,the professionalism much more visible.I have literally grown with The Perspectives and I have no complaints with the experience I have had regarding life with The Perspectives always beside me,helping me in every possible way.
Regarding The Copyright Issue,I would not say much for I can't do much to that.If someone has an inner conscience,then I don't think any illegal copying of data is going to take place.In the otherwise conditions,don't you think I am regretting it!I will enjoy the fact that my work is substantial enough that people are secretly copying instances.Moreover,how much can you copy the work of a person?I don't think you can copy the depth of human mind,it is literally impossible.I am least bothered about these little things that can undermine your ability to think wider than the confined limits.I am happy with my virtual psychedelia and hardships with reality.Though they are very juxtaposing against each other,I think that's what life is - every incident juxtaposes with something else.
I think I have spoke a lot today,as if I had been left tied with a piece of cloth across my mouth and then simultaneously served with a huge crowd of attentive listeners (just utopia).I have loved writing this post today.And I am more thankful to The Perspectives than the blog can ever realise.Thank You for being beside me and Thanks to all the readers of this blog.You have been doing a lot to me,not knowing how much of help it has been to me.
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