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Saturday, October 25, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (11)

There is a long list full of reasons why I am not writing these days and why I am not communicating much socially,either.The first reason would be that my Board Exams are coming closer and I am as freaked out and as scared as possible.I have read a lot of Economics in the past few days (Covering partially the concepts of Revenue,Market,Money,Welfare Economics,Marquis de Condorcet and Microeconomics.),but am able to write nothing.The past few months have been of immense importance to me and I have learnt a lot in this span of time,thanks to the books and the people who have helped.
But one thing you need to know when you are an Indian female - you will have to face discrimination somewhere (I am not being philosophical,this is a fact.) and I have faced some horrible incidents,but that positively is intriguing me these days about human psychology.I think we could learn from everything and learn substantially,if we promise not to break the inner ourselves so easily.I had not been influenced by Feminism even like three months ago,but I feel its necessary now.(Not that I have been subjected to something that is compelling myself to be a feminist,it is the dull response of the conservatives after I started speaking on Feminism.)I had shared a photograph a few days ago on Facebook and somebody had claimed that feminists "kill their children,leave their husbands,destroy capitalism (That's salvation!) and become lesbians." This was it,it blew off the last speck of doubt I had in me that Feminism needed to exist,for the sake of liberation of this society.Now,I feel that Feminism is not to protect the freedom of females,I feel like it is for the freedom of the existent unit called 'society'.

Not that I have never faced anything in my life that has made me feel like I was being discriminated as I was a female,but what I am seeing as I grow up is as if female is the synonym of property,as if we are a thing to be dealt with.Moreover,the Hindu/Muslim orthodox fundamentalists will probably term writing this a crime,but if that is so,then let's term this crime revolution.
I have started taking Marxism from more of a political-economic viewpoint than that of one with which I have emotional bonding.I have been going through Amartya Sen,Condorcet and Adam Smith and Sen's works have been influenced by Karl Marx.
I have listened to Pink Floyd for an entire year,I mean for most of the part of the year,that was the only band I used to listen to and stay indulged in.For a change,I am listening to Buddy Holly (Oh,that voice......) and Eminem.I absolutely love Rock Music and Buddy Holly is amazing.
The ray of hope at this moment is the agricultural innovation in North Korea and the vast extent of economic progress in Vietnam.
I have not watched anything intriguing lately,though I might like to watch something adventurous and thrilling.
I am and have been totally off mood for a few days but I think its just the season which I do not like for the same reason.I have also sent a letter from the post office for the first time in my life,I don't think I have even been there before this.There was nothing interesting in a post office and its quite weird I have never been there before,but it was my first time and I can feel the little sparkle of happiness about that.I guess that's enough for now.I will be trying to write something substantial after March.

Have a very nice time,acquired with the intellectual space of your need.Have Perspectives.

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