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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Song Review : One Of My Turns by Pink Floyd (Inclusive of YouTube Video)

Its one of those comparatively comfortable summer evenings here in India and I am feeling quite nice as I review one of my favourite hard rock pieces out of The Wall by Pink Floyd.I want to review the entire album,I am totally 'in love' and I can barely figure out some flaws out of there.I have recently launched The Perspectives YouTube Channel.The Lyrics and Song Video is posted here.So,you don't need to get the song somewhere else.You can listen to it here as you get the lyrics on screen.Getting to the song,it involves the typical Pink Floyd drama infused within music and sounds from a Television show followed by a basic hard rock that is quite impressive,considering the beautiful contrast of the drama dialouges and the pure hard rock.

Lyrics - You can listen to the song and at the same time get the lyrics as you watch the video.
Credit :

One Of My Turns from The Wall

Personnel  (Credit : Wikipedia)
David Gilmour — lead guitar
Nick Mason — drums, percussion
Roger Waters — vocals, bass
Richard Wright — organ, Prophet-5 synthesizer


Bob Ezrin — piano
Lee Ritenour — rhythm guitar and rhythm guitar with a wah-wah pedal
Trudy Young — voice of the groupie

About The Song  (Credit : Wikipedia)

The Wall is the story of Pink, an embittered and alienated rock star, whose sanity is failing as he isolates himself behind a psychological barrier. "One of My Turns" finds Pink inviting a groupie into his room after learning of his wife's affair. While the groupie tries to get his attention, he ignores her, and muses on his failed relationship with his wife. A TV can be heard in the background, the dialogue mixed in with the groupie's attempts at conversation.

While the hapless groupie continues trying to get his attention, Pink feels "Cold as a razor blade / Tight as a tourniquet / Dry as a funeral drum," before exploding into a fit of violence, destroying his room, and frightening the young woman away. When his hotel room is finally in complete shambles, and the groupie is gone, Pink feels something more: Self-pity, and a lack of empathy for others, as he screams "Why are you running away?"


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The song begins with a lady's voice describing her awe as she explores the protagonists's (possibly that of Pink's) apartment. It is combined with dialouges from a Television show at the same time,which expresses a casual mood of the song at the beginning.It also refers that the protagonist does not respond to the lady's words and as she asks if he is "Okay",Pink's feelings get slowly revealed with the lines - "Day after day,love turns grey......".Just after the lines "I feel cold as a razor blade,Tight as a tourniquet,Dry as a funeral drum",the main,basic hard rock begins.Just as a low note followed by a very high note creates an impression to the ears,the almost melody-less lines followed by the hard rock sounds really good.The sound of shattering glass after "Would you like to learn to fly" left me in total awe.The one thing I really like about the song is how it expresses Pink's desperation for going back to the time when she was not so cold,or love was real.The rock part of the song expresses these feelings much better than possibly any other genre could have. The song is sung by Roger Waters and he has covered the hard rock very well and I think he does Lyrics/Pure Rock n' Roll related jobs much better than he sings the softer songs or those songs which are more on the Symphonic side.The scores go here - 

LYRICS - 5/5
MELODY - 4/5

As a Song - {(18.8/20) * 100 %} = 94%


This song is a must for all hard rock fans and it is one of my favourite songs out of 'The Wall'.It is quite similar to other songs like 'Hey You' and 'Don't Leave Me Now' that express the desperateness or restlessness about Pink's lady.The song is nice,the combination of the drama and the hard rock is the major attention and the hard rock is the part of it I love the most.

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