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Sunday, August 24, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (7)

The only bright side I can lay my eyes on at this moment is that the album I had been waiting for since the news of the release of the new album,The Endless River,that is going to be released this October!I can give a little hint on another surprise (though the magnitude of both the excitement and thrill is lesser here).Full fledged professional blogging would be started once I am ready (that is,I get a little less busy than I am right now and I am mentally calm) on my new, upcoming blog titled Which One's Pink? The link is provided,but I still want you to know the URL I have come up with - It is not that I am going to stop blogging here and have my entire attention there but you have seen the actual thing - I keep speaking about Floyd more than half the time,which is getting in the way of the other subjects/topics so enlisted.I will be actually doing almost all the Pink Floyd posts I do there over here as well,but might be when something else is more important to me than Pink Floyd,I would like to keep the difference.Album Releases and other news about Floyd will find a place on the other blog. I have done almost nothing other than registering the URL and choosing the template and proper customisation requires a lot of time and patience.I still have enough to talk about the band and I don't think I will run out of stock even when I finish reviewing all their songs.I will be importing the posts regarding Pink Floyd from here and will be posting new things after I am done with the customisation. 

Comfortably Numb : One of the best favourites from The Wall

The Perspectives/Myself is enlisted by as a Pink Floyd expert and that is a reason why I cannot stop posting about Floyd here all of a sudden.The name of the blog comes from 'Have a Cigar',a song from 'Wish You Were Here',the band's ninth and one of the most acclaimed albums.It is my best favourite from them indeed.It took me nearly these eight and a half months to be happy with the customisation of The Perspectives.May be I will have to give another year until I am happy about the customisation of that blog.Let me get my hands on it and it will be seen how to get it done.And all Social Network Attributes including Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Youtube and Bloglovin' links are going to be the same for both the blogs.I don't have time to run two channels for each.Moreover,they too require customisation,pairing up with IFTTT and a load of other things.I will hope for the best for my new little blog.I hope you all are going to respond nicely over there as well.Thank You for reading this blog.
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