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Sunday, August 17, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (6)

I seriously want to read some adventure or that sort of book right now.But since I am hardly getting for anything else right now except studying,I thought writing about whatever comes to mind might be a better idea.I have been listening to David Gilmour's On An Island.(You can read review of the song 'Smile' here.)Not that I am in a mood for leisure but it has a sort of calming effect which I think is largely a necessity for me right now.Listening to something like The Wall drives me more active and emotional.

The Wall Album Cover

On An Island Inlay Cover


On An Island by David Gilmour

It is quite cloudy right now.Quiet and cloudy.And a few birds are chirping nearby (benefits of living in a small town).Still,an incandescent golden glow can be seen and which just adds to the beauty of the scene.I can hear rumbling of the thunder every now and then,but they are not yet too bold.I think I have previously talked a lot about rain,but the beauty of it is never enough for some.


The movie I would really like to watch is Good Night and Good Luck for the bit I have come to know,it is about segregation and stereotypes and tortures towards communists in USA and George Clooney is starring in it.

Good Night and Good Luck Movie Cover

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