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Saturday, August 2, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (5)

To talk about what comes to my mind right now,I am not very sure if I am the person to analyse or judge it right now.And moreover,I am not going to do it.Seriously,I do not intend to be philosophical - not now,not personally.It is always better to broaden things out,give them some dimension,rather to limit and accentuate them into narrow limits of human creed.
My weekend movie this week has been Rio and I liked it,especially the prudential reason behind the movie - wildlife conservation. I think I have told it many times before that I am not a fan of oh-so-romantic movies or songs.It sort of irritates me but I liked Rio,just like I had loved Up.(However,Up was different - it gave me goosebumps throughout the movie.)Coming to Rio,I quite liked the song 'Telling the World' by Taio Cruz.Though it was not one of the best of anything,but it was something you could listen to and could lift your mood and the lyrics have an attractive rhythm.'Take you to Rio' is more of a rap than an actual song,but you could give it a try.I think you will like it better if you watch the entire movie.I also want to watch the sequel to it - Rio 2,which was released in April,2014.
Coming to the true fact,Americans use far more resources than us,third world countries do and has been destroying a lot of the Amazon - so,directing a movie does from no angle solve that issue and is not enough flattering to ditch the human brain of the real facts.

Rio Movie Snapshot

Rio 2 Movie Cover

I think you all know my love for Latin America - the natural beauty,the political ideals,the festivals,the culture and the people.I have a true interest about Latin America.The Copacabana,Christ the Redeemer, the Amazon,The Forests and the Carnival - everything is so thrilling.So,definitely that part of Rio (derived from Rio De Janerio) I had to like.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janerio,Brazil

One of the best songs of The Wall - Comfortably Numb

I am going to review something that I have never seen being done earlier - review the entire The Wall Album!But it will require some time for I do not like to review a song unless I am satisfied with analysing a song.

Besides this,I have been done some contributions in IOPS which you can check by going to my profile there or reading the blog of the website.Moreover,I have discovered a few great revolutionary organisations besides IOPS like BDS International,War on Want and Amnesty International which I am going to get involved with/review soon.

Please read this note - I might have to be unavailable from the blog and all of my other political affiliations for a while but the only reason for this is that I am going to have to give some more time to my academics part.Since this is Class X and I have my board exams this year combined with the fact that I am a nerd,I might have to take a few days off.But I will be writing time to time.Have a good weekend and if anyone is interested to,please sign a petition to conduct a military embargo in Gaza at

Disclaimer - I am not paid by any of the organisations whose names I have mentioned above.The only reason is our combined ideals that I am propagating those links.
The photographs used here are not owned by me.

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