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Friday, July 25, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (4)

How are you all doing?I hope you are having a good time if you have learnt to be selfish enough to close your eyes about what is happening around in Gaza.Well,I don't know what exactly Israelis have in their mind - that Semites should go anti-Semitic!?I mean - just hold on and imagine for a while that you hail from a good,nice,warm family and one day heavy shellings occur and half of your family is gone and you are on the road with no food,no money,no place to go,no where to hide - what do you do?If bastards hailing from capitalist grounds still do support Israelis with all their will and motives,then its fine -they are bastards,after all.Now,my sacrifising and selfless Jewish rabbis,can you tell me what the hell did these children ever do to you?I know I included words I should probably not have and I am going totally informal,not caring to mention facts,logic and put up a constructive and well written work,but believe me,that sort of attributes would totally succeed to put me in doubts if I really was born a human being.Its alright if we belong to the 'mere third world' and if we do not have as much nuclear power or naval defense technology or financial capability but I can say this - Asians have a certain dignity they are born with,which is earthly enough and human.We still would not go and accuse Europeans of being to a particular sector racially or socially.I don't know what I am supposed to say - I don't know how many more murders will take place and I don't know for how long this is going to continue.

Do you know of any caption to this?

Protests against Israel at Glasgow

I wonder how these people are bearing the same haunts everyday,every moment now it is a live nightmare at Gaza.There is no food,no shelter,no where to run,no where to hide,no proper medication.The Israel troops started shooting at a UNICEF school indiscriminately killing Palestinian school children.Turkey did finally say they are not going to bear it quietly if such hellish activities continue,but former Communist Turkey was much more powerful and I don't know if a corrupted governance ever cares for other countries.Moreover,Israel is being given all powers to ravage in Gaza,Lebanon and Syria by United States.If NATO is even sent for negotiations,it would mean a big nothing because Israel troops themselves are a major contribution in NATO.(Where the hell did NATO ever negotiate unless it had shot down another thousand people before choosing 'favouring' part of the country to help them ravage the rest of it?)I don't know how this will stop and I don't know what to say.But I am not in love with the Jewish population.I know I can't blame it on a particular community simply because a part of them are imperialist,mean,inhuman and destructive but I can't help it.May be students are protesting in Israel,may be the leftist parties there in do not agree,but you have to understand a common man's feeling too.The photographs of dead men,women and children,blood,rockets,missiles and bullets and random headless people seem to nullify the effects of these ineffective protests.
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