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Sunday, July 6, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (2)

As declared in the blog,I am going to share my personal feelings in a slightly covered up way in All That Comes To Mind series of posts.So,it was quite a hard-working day today and if I am asked to catch up memories of 'Leisure' this weekend,it was yesterday when I watched the animation movie Up (I am going to review this soon.) and I loved it.Though it was purely unscientific almost in every part of it,the emotions were nicely thought of and presented in a truly artistic way.Usually,I stay away from what they call 'Romantic Movies' - the concept turns out a bit irritating to me.Its like,a boy meets a girl and then they suddenly get chased by Martians or gangsters (doesn't matter the former or latter) and they get lost somewhere and have to cling to each other all the time.I like realistic movies,but if I am asked to go psychedelic or fictional,I would readily agree.But this is neither fictional,nor psychedelic - this is STUPID.Coming back to Up, I quite loved the way how the romantic things between Carl and Ellie have been captured.The entire movie was based on their relationship,Carl's love for Ellie,their sorrows and smiles and emotions and sharing it all;rather the memories of it all.So,even people who do not like Romantic Movies have to love this.And about FIFA World Cup,I want to see two things - the Referees who conducted the matches between Nigeria and France sent to jail.They kicked Nigerian players,threw them to the ground and whatever wrong things they did,the referee kept observing and did not show the littlest honesty anytime.He did not even show an yellow card to those idiots from the French team.I want them to go to exile and I mean it.The other thing is the Colombian player who hit Neymar. I want that creature in jail. Its raining here quite well and almost everyday and the scenic beauty along with the feeling that comes with the calm,refreshed environment is amazing.Loved to share it all.Thanks for reading the blog.
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