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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Pillow Of Winds (Meddle) by Pink Floyd : Song Review

I have been listening to comparatively softer songs since this weekend after an entire week of grunge and hard rock.This song is an old treasure from Pink Floyd and I have listened to this many times before.But it still feels quite nice to review this.

Meddle Album Cover

Made Through Perspectives : A Pillow Of Winds lines 
(Read the pictured lyrics post collection here.)

About The Song  (Credit : Wikipedia)

The song is a soft acoustic love song,which may be uncharacteristic, considering the band's previous (and future) material. Guitarist David Gilmour composed the chord sequence, played in a series of arpeggios, and Roger Waters wrote the melody and lyrics.This song also features slide guitar work by Gilmour, as well as a fretless bass played by Waters. The song begins and ends in the key of E major, with a darker middle section (following the lyric, "and the candle dies") in the parallel minor, E minor. Both the E major and E minor chords feature the ninth, making this song one of many Pink Floyd songs to feature a prominent E minor added ninth chord. Throughout most of the song, the bass line remains on E as a pedal point, creating a drone. A chord named "G#m/E" is more accurately called an E major seventh chord, and a "Bm/E" is just as equally named an "E7sus2". In the instrumental interlude, however, the chords change completely to A minor and B minor chords, leaving the E bass drone for a time before returning to E major.
According to Nick Mason, the song's title originates from a possible hand in the game of mahjong, with which the band had become enamoured while touring.

The song's lyrics refer to an eiderdown, better known in the U.S. as a comforter. Two other known Pink Floyd songs make reference to an eiderdown, Syd Barrett's "Flaming" and Waters's "Julia Dream".

Personnel  (Credit : Wikipedia)

David Gilmour – lead vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, electric & acoustic slide guitars, pedal steel guitar
Richard Wright – Hammond organ, piano
Nick Mason – hi-hats
Roger Waters – fretless bass


A cloud of eiderdown 
Draws around me 
Softening a sound. 
Sleepy time, and I lie, 
With my love by my side, 
And she's breathing low. 

And the candle dies. 

When night comes down 
You lock the door. 
The book falls to the floor. 
As darkness falls 
The waves roll by, 
The seasons change 
The wind is wry. 

Now wakes the hour 
Now sleeps the swan 
Behold the dream 
The dream is gone. 
Green fields are calling 
It's falling, in a golden door. 

And deep beneath the ground, 
The early morning sounds 
And I go down. 
Sleepy time, and I lie, 
With my love by my side, 
And she's breathing low. 

And I rise, like a bird, 
In the haze, when the first rays 
Touch the sky. 

And the night wings die. 

Song Review

The song begins with a sway (or rather a sigh) of winds,just after which the lead guitar enters the background.This is one of those lovely,calm songs sung by David Gilmour (Others include Smile from On an Island and Green is The Colour.)that makes you feel comforted and dreamy.The lyrics also create a beautiful rhythm of sleep and dream and pure psychedelia.Not to question that the lyrics is beautiful,owing to the fact that it was one of those musical pieces worked out by Waters and Gilmour together.I feel that the tune also has something very genuine about it,bringing exactly the comfort expressed by the lyrics.The instrumentals are quite subtle and the entire thing as a whole is a great job!

MELODY - 4.5/5
LYRICS - 5/5

As a Song - {(19/20) * 100%} = 95%

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Lyrics - Please refer to the Music section of What is a Perspective? page of the blog.

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