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Monday, June 2, 2014


Recently,I have been indulged thinking about Pink Floyd whenever I have been writing about them. As I write my 50th post about the band today,something nice struck my mind - what about a whole lot of Pink Floyd for an entire week? I am going to be there for a week more,after which my summer vacation ends.And as I will be doing only two posts as usual from the next month,both being on Maths/Science or one being on Maths/Science and the other being on Politics; I think this would prove to be a good idea.Let's get our first post done on The Knowing Floyd Week.I am providing the Top 10 Pink Floyd songs today according to the Perspectives Blog.It really is hard doing it,as the band could never write a bad song.I have heard this from a friend of mine and from other places around the Internet - and I agree to this.They never were just able to do it - write a bad song.And imagine how tough it gets when you have to choose the best from a bunch of good songs.I have even seen questions around the virtual space about how to write a song in Pink Floyd's style!Having such a huge fan base even after so many years of getting dissolved needs huge credits! So,here is what I am putting up. The top 10 songs from Pink Floyd - 

1.Wish You Were Here 

2.Shine On You Crazy Diamond

3.Brain Damage


5.A Great Day For Freedom

6.Us and Them

7.Nobody Home

8.Is There Anybody Out There?

9.The Final Cut

10.The Gunner's Dream

Images - The images that are not watermarked do not belong to me.
Next post - Tomorrow I am going to post the detailed reviews of all the songs put up in this post.

Happy Knowing Floyd Week! Enjoy! And Thanks for making your visit to this blog.What are your perspectives?Let me know in the comments section/mail me for any queries or doubts at

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