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Friday, June 27, 2014

All That Comes To Mind

I was very confused about if I should go personal on the blog and then just something happened in my mind and its - Yes! I am going to.But I am going to keep things really subtle and its not going to be like who misbehaved with me and whom did I misbehave with or who is not happy when I am and how many people everyday I have to oppose.The true cause is that I am a bit fed up with sharing things with anyone individually and I wanted to broaden the spectrum. (I am thinking of coming with videos about the environment beside me soon!) And I also want the pleasure of writing and writing here truly gets me a lot better.All That Comes To Mind is basically a series of posts about my personal life in a subtle manner.I might just say things like something good took place or something got me sad and how friendships changed and how new and nice things came up.I am going to share photographs as well and as I am fifteen, (I turned fifteen on 15th June,2014) I am just in the middle of my teenage.So,I can say things that I feel at this age and how much they differ from most of the people my age.

The Title of This Series Is Inspired From Eclipse,The Dark Side of The Moon

I am going to do posts on Maths and Science,posts on Music,Reviews,Movies and Football and I am going to introduce this weekend a weekend series of posts where I will post my favourite things throughout the week.I will be posting on my ideology as well.I hope you will enjoy this series of posts.Thanks for reading the blog.

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